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Mastering Modern JavaScript

Everything you need to know to master Modern JavaScript.

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Mastering Modern JavaScript

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Specialized content of 144 pages in total
All ES6+ features explained in detail from the absolute beginning
Modern JavaScript features like ES6 Destructuring, Arrow functions, Promises, Async/await, Optional chaining operator and a lot more...
The only guide you need to become an expert in Modern JavaScript and better at React, Angular, Vue
Understand each concept in an easy way
Useful tips for writing the same code but in a better way
Frequently asked interview coding question with the answer and explanation
Code samples to try out on your own
Live codesandbox demos wherever required
Guaranteed up to date information with each new release of ESNext
All the required information in one place without a mess
No more need of spending hours of browsing internet for revising or understanding any topic

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Yogesh is a fantastic teacher and his instruction style is first-rate.

I appreciate how his content uses a beginner’s mind approach and explains why you’d do things a certain way rather than just showing you the end result.

Yogesh delivers ideas in a way that makes you eager to learn more as you go.

I have purchased the Mastering Modern JavaScript book and Mastering Redux course.

They helped me a lot. Thank you so much. Thanks for helping the community.

Just finished reading your book! Must say it's an easy recommendation, concise, clear and crisp.

I am learning React, your blogs really help me a lot, they are easy to understand, keep up the good work.

Your articles are amazing. Your intent to explain each and every line of the code in articles is what I've amazed.

I find your content really useful. I just wanted to appreciate & thank you for your content and hope you continue writing these types of content.

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